Fraudelent Online transaction through my HSBC Credit Card

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My name is Mr. Koshy John. I am a resident of Mumbai. My Mobile No: 0932123982. I am an HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card Holder. On 9th May, 2015, I received a call from a person supposedly from HSBC, who knew my credit card number, my mobile number, my name and also reward points that was available on my above mentioned credit card. He informed me that I have got reward points of more than 5000 on credit card and if I would like redeem through deduction from the credit card payment. I believed that person and agreed for the same. He informed me that in this month’s credit card statement, there will a credit of an amount of Rs. 5070/-. To my surprise, when I received the credit card statement, it was shown as debited to my account as AIRTEL Payment Mumbai In for Rs. 5070/-. I have disputed this transaction and made complaints to HSBC through their customer care. They have made some routine enquiries and have informed that this transaction was made from my credit card and I am liable to make this payment, as it is my fault I provided the CVV No. of my said credit card. I had also requested them to investigate as to for which Mobile Number of AIRTEL was this online payment made and name and contact and address details of the person, or if not for mobile bill payment, then for what purpose. The HSBC customer care has abrasively informed me that they cannot find out these details and if you require to get in touch with AIRTEL. I have also made a request to the Nodal officer of Bharati Airtel in Mumbai for these details.

I am quite convinced that this is a job of an insider from HSBC who knew everything about my credit card details,, like name, mobile no. reward points available on my credit card. They are forcing me to make payment for a fraudelent transaction and have also informed me that if I do not make the payment then I will be charged for delayed payment and other consequences. I am a longstanding credit card holdder of HSBC and has been very prompt in my payment . There was never been any default in my credit card payment. I am bringing this matter before the Consumer Forum seeking for justice. Please help me.

Fraudelent Online transaction through my HSBC Credit Card
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