Frauds and cheating of people on the name of lucky draw

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Dear Sir,

First I would Like to Congratulate to Narendra Bhai Modijee. I am a residence of Pune and would like to make you aware you that, one of the big frauds are on going in the nation and in the Gujrat also. The company name is Country Vacations and its a subsidiary of Country Clubs India.

They are getting information of people from Big Bazar or DMart by filling lucky draw coupons. They sort-list people by the information provided like the annual income and the person is from private jobs. (Mostly they focus on newly married couples) They calls people for luck-draw winner and offers for a vacation and some kitchen gifts, on conditions of attaining their 90 minutes of product information.
In that discussion they tells about their Country Vacations and packages, also the membership is only for 10 people and this is the time only you can have this offer with the lifetime their club membership. All they are saying is false and the kind of environment is very Jazzy also they ask you for any false commitments. Which drags us to swipe our credit cards and we feels that we got a wonderful deals out of only Rupees 1,20,000/- .

After reading review about them on lot many sites available on internet. We got to know we have been cheated.

Find the below link for their fraud cases.

Or Search for country vacations frauds in google.

I would request you for ban this company in not only Gujrat but also all over India so that lot of people will not been cheated from them further. Also if possible try to repay the money to the existing customers.

I have lost my 1,20,000/- and have not yet used their any services. Like me huge amount of people are been cheated from Country Vacations from Rs. 5,000/- to 2,00,000/-. I request you again and again to stop this foolish business.

I will be able to provide you at-least 50 members in touch with me who are victims of this frauds.
I was unable to file FIR against them as Police didn’t take this case. Was unable to fight the same in consumer court as I was having no time to go to the courts.

Sagar Wadke

Frauds and cheating of people on the name of lucky draw
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