Fraudster duping people of thousands of rupees in garb of placement abroad

Complaint Date:
Category: Online Scams



Inspector / Senior Inspector of Police,
SV Road, Kandivali West,
Mumbai – 400067

Sub: Request to register complain for fraud
Ref: Jinesh R. Bhagdev, Chartered Accountant

Dear Sir,

I, Jinesh R. Bhagdev, chartered accountant, received call from Mr. Jatin Roy, Gulf Wisdom, on 09th April 2015 indicating that he had received my information from and that he had a job placement for me in Singapore. He asked for Rs. 3,900/- for processing and forwarding my resume to the foreign company. He did not disclose the name of the company in which he was forwarding my resume citing confidentiality grounds. He emailed me to transfer the money in account of Md. Mahtab Alam having account with SBI – Account Number. 34740808886. On inquiry with regards to transferring of money in individual account, Mr. Jatin informed that it account of proprietor of Gulf Wisdom. He also requested me to email him my passport copy, copy of highest degree holder certificate and application form. Thereafter he approached me saying that my profile was short listed and he needed medical certificate for fitness for processing of VISA for the purpose of interview. He mailed me the Medical form to be filled by any medical practitioner. I asked him that all the reports would cost me more than Rs. 6000/-. So he informed me that I could get this medical reports through his panel of hospital for Rs. 4980/-. I agreed to get medical fitness test done with his panel of hospital. He also asked he to pay Rs. 4980/- for the medical test that I have to undertake in the foreign country. So far everything appeared normal.

He asked me to get the same medical fitness test for my wife as I was seeking accommodation with my wife from the company. Now the things started to appear fishy as he was not being clean with me and was asking money in bits and pieces. So I did some search about him on google wherein I came to the knowledge that he has duped many other people under the same pretext of getting a job placement abroad.

I wish to register legal complaint against him for fraudulently taking money from me under the garb of job placement. Further, I want to register first information report (FIR) for fraudulently availing my personal documents (i.e. passport and colored passport size photograph affixed on the application form). I am scared that my documents can be misused since the fraudster is in the possession of a copy of my passport and colored passport size photograph.

Information of Mr. Jatin Roy
Bank Account : Md. Mahtab Alam, SBI, Account No. 34740808886 (Proprietor of Gulf Wisdom)
Address: B-84 sector 2 Noida near park plaza
Mobile Number: +919210117422
Money Taken from me : Rs. 13,860/-

Details of other people fooled by Mr. Jatin Roy is linked hereunder:

Kindly accept my request to register a FIR.

Thanking You,

Your’s Truly,

Jinesh Rajendra Bhagdev

Fraudster duping people of thousands of rupees in garb of placement abroad
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