Fraudulent after sales service of Intex

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I had purchased Intex soundbar SP SB 250 U with great expectations. In one and a half years time it first started malfunctioning and then stopped working totally. On 30 Jul 15 I called up the Intex help line no. 1860 108 5555 and registered a complaint. A complaint docket no. 5073090000450 was given to me. An SMS was received on my mobile giving the Service Centre no. of Noida. On 31 Jul 15 a service person visited me, checked the soundbar and told me that the circuit board needs replacement. The part is not available and it will take one weeks time to arrange the same. On 01 Aug 15 I contacted the no. given to me by SMS. A gentleman received the call and gave me another no. and asked me to call at 11:30am. I called the given no at given time. Another gentleman received the call and told me that he will call back in half an hour’s time and give the estimate. Till 01:00pm I did not receive any call. I made several calls on both the nos. (nearly 50) but the call was not taken.
Since 30 Jul 15, I made 9 calls till date to Intex help line. Every time they apologies, assured me of services, generate a new complaint no. and ask me to wait for three working days.
On 03 Aug 15, I received a call from Noida service centre of Intex and to my shock an estimate of Rs. 3500/- was conveyed to me. It is noteworthy that the purchase cost of the soundbar was Rs. 6850/- only!
Fade up with this drama, i wrote to Intex at about the whole thing. I received a prompt reply with apologies, asking me to wait for three working days. Till 05 Aug 15 I have mailed 5 times and I have received prompt replies with same contents.
This is a pure service fraud. The circuit board will be replaced, I will be charged Rs. 3500/-, the replaced circuit board will be refurbished and another customer will be charged Rs. 3500/-. This is extortion from the customer of nearly half the sell price of the equipment which appears to be designed to malfunction/ stop working in slightly more than one year’s time and thus out of warrantee.
I hereby request to take up the issue with Intex and resolve my complaint in a reasonable time and at reasonable cost.

Fraudulent after sales service of Intex
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  1. waghmaren

    Since 30 July 15, the complaint is still pending and Intex is demanding Rs. 3000/- for repairing an item purchased for Rs. 6,850/- only. They are not providing office address and name of person in charge for customer service.


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