Fraudulent balance deduction of my reliance number 7677587570

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This is a complaint regarding the fraudulent balance deduction for my Reliance Mobile Number 7677587570 Complain Number 234604786 followed with Complain Number 234688607. Instead of charging for STD call for the number 09389536716 to which I Called on 18th June 10:37 PM, Reliance CDMA UP East, Reliance Service Provider charge for ISD number 003989536716. How Reliance Service Provider can change the number to ISD and deduct the balance as per ISD call rates. How could Reliance Service provider say that all charges are correctly deducted, cheating me and hurting me in all means.

Seriously I feel that Reliance cheat their customers, irritates them and instead of solving the complain they blame their customer only that it is customer faults. Customer who believe you choose your services but you destroy all his comfort levels and cheat them.

I want a solution to this complain, Reliance Service Provider should reimburse my balance back. Please help me its a request.

Fraudulent balance deduction of my reliance number 7677587570
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