From Police department, Andhra pradesh, India

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I submit that prior to 21.09.2015 in view of Bakreed festival, one unknown person forwarded a message through his whatsapp number mentioning that “MLA Kadapa had a talk with higher officials and obtained permission to slaughter the cows on the eve of Bakreed festival and the Muslims are no need afraid of the issue, the police can take action against the person who obstructed the cow slaughtering, also forwarded a another message that as per the desire of Seetha, W/O Lord Sree RAMA, he killed a deer and fulfilled the desire of Lord Seetha, but why Muslims will not cut cut the cows on the eve of Bakreed festival towards a Qubarbani and thereby tried to create religious ill feelings between two classes of people i.e Hindu and Muslims on the eve of Bakreed festival.
Accordingly a suemoto case has been registered and investigated into.
Hence, it is requested the officer may kindly verify the message attached to this report duly communicated by unknown person though whatapp and furnish the details of the said person who forwarded the messege at first instance , from where it was forwarded and from which number the ame was forwarded for investigation purpose

From Police department, Andhra pradesh, India
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