Froud Case we face in our capital Delhi

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sir, i am milind Mohan Pagare live in maharashtra nashik,sir i am a Cancer patient i have gone through lot of costly treatments. so i decided to start helth gym for some financial support to my family, for that i visit “Fitness 24 Pvt Ltd “Alipur Delhi. I have paid 3 lac Rs in advance to a 60% advance .but now he said that he faced loss in his he is enable to pay my money.sir please help me .my father is a handicapped person and he got national handicap award from our president in dec2014.

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Mr Dhananjay
Mr Raghvendra
Mrs Deepali.
Mr Raj Mehra(Iso Solid)

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Name: Milind Mohan Pagare
Address: Plot No 72 savitri niwas ashish soc onkar nagar peth road nashik 422003 maharashtra

Froud Case we face in our capital Delhi
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