Frustrated with the service of Samsung

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I own a Samsung refrigerator FF RT 2734SNBSP.It was purchased on 30.04.2012.
Recently it stopped working suddenly, so I lodged a complaint with Samsung customer care (Reference No.8443273901, Complaint No.4197412401) dated 08.07.2015,they said the complaint would be attended within 24 hours.Next day.i.e.09.07.2015, their service engineer came and examined the case and said the compressor needs to be repaired/replaced and it can only be done the next day. I had taken off on 09.07.2015 from office just to make sure I make myself available when somebody visits from Samsung.I live alone so there was no option of somebody else being present at the time of the visit.I had to take off again on 10.07.2015 since a visit was planned for compressor repair on that day.
He also mentioned that though your Compressor is with in guarantee period you will still have to pay Rs.1800 for the gas that will be lost while repairing.The gas pressure/quantity right now is perfectly fine.I am sure there has to be a process where we can save the gas and still replace the compressor.
I have been following up with the customer care since 9th July 2015 but no visit has happened till today.The only assurance I get from them is that the complaint would be attended the next day.Its been 7 days without cold water to drink in this heat.Moreover, I have to take off from office every time an visit is scheduled by them. Thats is a straight financial loss that is not recoverable and has to be paid from my pocket.There is no progress on the matter as of now.
They also refused to share any email communication in this regard. Also there is no provision of escalating the issue from the side of an customer, I can only call up there customer care and cannot talk to any senior directly.
It is really frustrating and torturous for me to keep following them everyday without any results.
I demand a compensation and urgent attention to my problem.I request you to please attend the case on priority.I can be reached on the below details for any further information
Thanks and Regards,
Prateek Singh
B5/44,2nd Floor Safdarjung Enclave, N.D.110029
Ph: 9810186088

Frustrated with the service of Samsung
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