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Respected sir,

I am an ex-employee of vandana vidhyut limited, raipur and i have resigned from vandana vidhyut ltd since 26.04.2015 but i have asked vvl to clear all my dues but till date they have not cleared my balance dues.

During my resignation and now i have tendered many request to clear all my dues but they are not taking care of it.

During my tenure at vandana vidhyut ltd.company has never given any type of appointment letter.

During these period many employees have joined and left and several were terminated without any notice.During the employment company has deducted certain percentage of amount from each employees salary which the company is not thinking to give the employee earned amount back to them and which the company has erased and deleted from their books of accounts which is very much illegal as it is employees earned money which the company is not returning to all employees.

During the period from April-2015 and till now company has communicated to me in every ways to settle my dues which finally comes to Rs.50659/- for which i have recorded voice as a proof of evidence and for which i have already provided them declaration.out of which i have received only Rs.6145/- rest amount is blocked by Vandana Vidhyut ltd.

Therefore, i request your good concern to serve them a notice to clear all dues as this is not only my problem but these problem has been faced by all left out employees and help me draw my money from the company.

Please help me in these matter.

Thanks & Regards,

Chetan Saraf

Full and Final Settlement
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