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Respectable Sir,
I congratulate you for taking steps to perscribe generic medicines to different patients in govt. hospitals. Although it is a step to help needy and poor patients to get medicines at cheaper rate.But on the face of it, it appears that it will help the retailer chemist to earn fabulous money instead of the patient. The print price on the generic medicine is the same as the non-generic medicines for eg. AGINAL-AT is a generic medicine from ALEMBIC, the print price on a strip of 14 tablet is Rs.60.75 while the actual price in wholesale market for this generic medicine is about Rs.8/- from this it is clear that the retailer chemist will never give to the consumer on the generic price but he will sell it at the print price of Rs.60.75/- as such it will help the retailer chemist to multiply its profit rather than a helping the patient. It is therefore requested that the things should be examined deeply so that the benefit of the generic price goes to poor and needy customer rather than the retailer chemist.

As you are also a medical practitioner, you know these things very deeply and I hope that necessary precautions will be taken in this connection to pass on the benefit to the consumer.

With Kind Regards


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Generic Medicine
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