Global Warming

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I am sitting in a Mumbai local train right now and would really like to highlight of how hot and humid our city, state country and parts of the world are getting. The weather condition is very severe and unbearable to us all especially the lower income and middle class people. Here I am talking about those 80-90% people waking up every morning and travelling by local transport or taking a walk to their destination and work place. AIRCONDITIONED local trains are not just a solution here but we really need something which will not add to global warming but prevent it from happening. You must be well aware of t what’s the temperature like in South India. Please make a strict norm to plant trees in the surrounding. Few activists have really been doing it understanding what a dark future we have. But the reason am writing to you is because you have the power in your hands to make every citizen become aware of global warming and plant trees lots and lots of them. What is the point of cutting down trees to live in world class premium apartments when all we have is dust to turn into. “with great power comes great responsibility” please use it wisely. Use it and save mankind. Those who cut down one tree make them plant another 10,and take responsibility for its living. We want our kids see a better future rather than no future at all. Please save us.

Global Warming
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