gmail account disabled

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Google Account disabled due to suspicious activity
We’ve detected unusual activity. For your protection, we’ve disabled your account.

To try to regain access to your account, please visit our having trouble signing in page and select “I’m having other problems signing in.” Follow the steps and you’ll be taken to our account recovery form, where we’ll ask you some questions to help verify your identity.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your cooperation.

gmail account disabled
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  1. Michelle Johnson

    I received a notification on my cell saying my google account has been disabled due to terms and conditions violations, blah, blah, I have NEVER violated any terms and conditions, I had my debit card info stolen, all three of my cell phone users also have this issue, WHAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF is this gmail account is linked to my YOUTUBE account that I have had since 2000 and I had no choice but to have my email linked to a gmail account to access my you tube. all my kids vidoes are in that account!!! i got a new gmail account and that is fine, however i want my youtube account!!!! is the suspended account however thank god I can still receive emails so please respond


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