Government Officials Harassing The Small Retailers

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I want to bring this important issue in front of you that these days since the government has increased strictness on plastic bags.

So, the government officials raid the shops and take away all the carry bags.
Rather they should raid the manufacturing company, so that their is no production of plastic polythene bags. No production in turn means no use and no disposal of plastic bags.

Why the government thinks that attacking the small man will be the solution of every problem?

Another thing I want you to do this process yourself:
Just buy a pack of Kurkure
Burn it with a match stick
Analyse the behavior in which it burns

You will feel that it burns similar to plastic, that enables us to know that it has properties of plastic so government should restrict production of kurkure.

So I beg you to please look into this severe issue and help me in this.

Government Officials Harassing The Small Retailers
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