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Greetings to old associates:

Hon’ble VC (Prof. A.C. Pandey) and Registrar (Sh. Avinash Chandra).

What a coincidence – while VC has been closely associated to the sender of the mail as an Office bearer in the International Academy of Physical sciences, Allahabad and the Registrar (if I remember correctly) has been my ex student at the Univ. of Alld. in the past.

God bless the active team which got initial training at the Cambridge of the East fame University in the past. Let the doctrine of “Quot Rami Tot Arbores” enrich the institution in the land of brave Lakshmi Bai. However, my solitary past experience shows a rampant corruption in the past when students of Bundelkhand College used to dictate the mute teaching community to award marks as per their diktat. I happened to be an examiner in the M.Sc. (Maths.) Viva-voce Exam. around 1993-94 (when another associate of mine Dr. U.P. Singh was an Ag. VC) of BU.

Sent a congratulatory mail to the VC in the past on his personal email Id but got no response. Would welcome to have personal email IDs.

Best wishes,

Lucknow: June 18, 2015 Hon. Col. (NCC) Prof. Dr. R.B. Misra,

Ex VC, Avadh Univ., Faizabad.
Tel. 9336-709475.

PS: Leaving shortly for PNG on a teaching assignment for 3 yrs. even at 75+

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