Harassing Neighbours

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We have been living here past 25 years my brother is handicap and my mom works in a bal ashram we two sisters are married. The reason to address this complaint is that our neighbour is not allowing us to construct a toilet in our own house she is doing this so that we may get fed up of her and leave this place she is a agri women and my dad and my grandad had purchased land from her to construct our house more than 25 years ago now dad is not alive and she is harassing us in every possible way so that we should leave this place and go. Last year we were constructing toilet in our house but when she came to know this at night she came and broke the pipe which were put for pit. We have complained this to local leaders and police too but they are not helping us build toilet. Please do something as we are facing difficulty in going for toilet in other placed.

Harassing Neighbours
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