Harassing NRIs specially by Mahindra agencies.

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First introduce my self. I am chief electronic engineer of British airways(Middle East and EU).

I bought one of your car (XUV 500,W8) from Punjab Barnala from raj vehicles,car engine was broke down due to manufacturing fault just only 2400 km driven.

We requested to change the car that is my rite to get new car. But Raj vehicle agree to gives me new car but they offer me to give them one Lakh more. I was agree on it.

But now raj vehicles handed over me a used car that manufactured 10 January 2015,containing steering wheel is not properly circle . Dashboard is not properly arranged or fixed. Car having so many scratches out side and panel shows different different icons red and yellow in Color.

Now it’s humble request from you that please do something either return my money or replace my car. Why I buy the car who was six month old manufacturing with lots of problem.
Why it was me to deliver a car,or is that company policy to fool a people like this way to earn a money. Being a employ of BRITISH AIRWAYS I am requesting you to take a step as soon as possible so that I can continue my job back home in UK.

Me and my wife came here in India to meet our family specially my wife visited first time in India and she is the SENIOR MEDICAL OFFICER of west London.

For god sake don’t spoil ours vacations. Infact we visited your office in Maharashtra colaba,but you was not available over there.

ArunVeer gour sharma
Jotpreet Kaur Williams


Thanking you.

Sent from British Airway official system

Harassing NRIs specially by Mahindra agencies.
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