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Dear sir, I am Susheel Kumar taking your attention, how I suffering last 15 months. All my local efferts has been failed so I requesting PMO. I have not received any satisfactory response about Act 69 sec. 15. The registrar Mr. Pardeep Sharma is not asking to provide avidence for his satisfaction, but giving the example of Gen. V K SINGH. In fact the case of Gen, V K Singh is differ and clear also that correction DOB can not effect the service record. I hope the system is not so helpless if one person is adamant or contrary nature. Please check my these reference no. – WEL/201582 – eSMADHAN ( PENDING) RTI REFERENCE- -RC/UG/15/1178722gw -(PENDING) -RC/UG/15/117839jif -(PENDING) -RC/UG/16/3468xqp2 -(PENDING) -RC/UG/16/3469646u -(PENDING) -DHLTH/E/2015/02621 -(FORWARD) -no response -MEAPD/E2016/00272 -(FORWARD) -PMOPG/E/2016/0039471 -(FORWARD) -PMOPG/E/2016/0078656 -(FORWARD) -PMOPG/E/2016/0154368 (CLOSED) -governorsecy-hp@nic.in (FORWARD TO DC) -THANKS –

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