Harassment and Cheating done by Karbonn Mobiles

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Dear Support Staff or rather non-supportive staff,

I am writing this to you after 2 and half months of extreme disappointment and harassment I have faced at the hands of Karbonn Mobiles, the company and its distinguished service center in Noida.

I bought (I am now wondering why did I) a Karbonn Sparkle V last year in September and just before it could live its warranty period, the phone’s touch screen stop working. I went to the highly disorganized and unprofessional service center in Sector 16 Noida on 31st August which is when I submitted my phone for repair under IMEI number (911400250154408). The phone got rectified (although I never checked it) on 16 Sept (already 15 days had passed). I was called to pick the phone from the service center but as luck would have it (my luck had already doomed when I bought the phone from Karbonn, anyway), the phone did not turn ON. I was given another IMEI number (911400250053907) on the same day and since then I have been to the service center more than 5 times but they don’t have any clue. They are insensitive and totally useless and don’t know how to communicate with customers. Most of the times they are talking to someone in their homes while the hapless customers are standing in lines without respite.

To cut the long story short, I don’t think you guys give a damn about this. Already 2.5 months have gone by and I don’t think you guys can produce an engineering marvel in the next few days. So be calm about it and provide me a new phone in a couple of days lest I will go to consumer court and file a harassment and a cheating case. You decide how you want to proceed further.

Provide an update at +91 99581 10205 in the next two days.

Unhappy customer of yours,

Harassment and Cheating done by Karbonn Mobiles
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