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With a very heavy heart, I write to inform you about being harassed since last 3 months by a woman named Poonam Joshi who I met 8 months back through a Facebook group, Indian Ladies in UK. Sadly I failed to understand her purpose of starting the group and got involved passionately and enthusiastically in organising various events and marches. All was well until there was no involvement of money.
Trouble started brewing when she started ticketing the events and borrowed 500 pounds from me. And when I started questioning about the use of the fund raised and transparency including return of my 500 pound in 10 days, she started threatening me in a journalistic way that she will write about me etc etc. Now I have come to know that, this kind of behavior is not new for her. She has earlier been collecting money in the name of helping destitute lady…….Shah (not disclosing name) on an FB group, Indian Women in London . When the group’s admin asked for transparency of the 900 pounds collected she started verbal, emotional abuse because of which she was blocked by the 4 admins .
And here in this group, Indian Ladies in UK to she started taking the ladies for a ride by first creating background of helping a destitute lady and then planning a protest outside husbands office in Bromley. To create an atmosphere in the group about her so called social work and attract ladies to donate money she went ahead and mentioned the support of an MP, top politician and even put her mobile number on the wall of the FB group to contact in case of need. Little did she think that by giving her number in the group she is risking the life of that lady. When I asked to meet the lady, she says she has left for India.
As a woman, I cant allow her to use vulnerable women to collect money in the name of charity. To stop me from speaking out, she is getting desperate and going to any extent. She is a freelancer to Indian channel ABP and uses her media status to bring celebrity crazy women to be in awe of her. She has also defamed women organisations like South hall Black Sisters and had also tried to defame a particular refuge on twitter.
She has complained about me to the police before I COULD COMPLAIN ABOUT HER TAKING MY 500 POUNDS, she has called my work place , my husbands phone and threatened me that she would complain to my husbands office. I CAN PROVIDE REFERENCE IF ASKED TO SUPPORT MY CLAIM.

Harassment By Online
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  1. praveen kumar srivastava

    The payment of given below txn# no. have been made by someone from my account through debit card by fraudly. I have also registered a complaint in the Delhi Police.Please confirm the all details of these transitions immediate.
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  2. praveen kumar srivastava

    please give your contact No. It is not available on the website

  3. Radhika Puri

    Rashmi Mishra , Learner Development Advisor, Sir George Monoux College, Walthamstow Central, London, Ph- 020 8523 3544, Ext- 2260 ,M- 07440635511.

    You are such a LIAR Rashmi Mishra. Because you were removed from the most popular organization group for YOUR unprofessional behaviour that you have gone nuts. We have messages from your husband asking to ignore you because you have lost your senses. You have been warned by the Police. You cannot accept the fact that you are no longer part of a group you were completely obsessed about. You haven’t been able to show anything to substantiate your claims. The world knows how many women Poonam Joshi has helped and has never taken a penny from anyone. You are consumed with jealousy and hatred. You are days away from getting arrested because Police in the UK takes harassment and defamation very seriously. Shame on you for giving our beloved India a bad name. You need mental asylum. Not a single person including your own family is supporting you. You should dies in shame before making such accusations. I am a very proud member of Poonam’s group and it has reached almost 10,000 members in just months. 100’s of women have got help. Get ONE woman who will say that they have not been helped in the group. Get a life and grow up.


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