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I’ve already paid Rs3150 on 29th November 2016,the renewal date was 4th December 2016 ,the data usage or download limit needs to be updated and 30 days extended offer was there which has to show up on the records on the Hathway account.
Now the speed is reduced to 1MBPS instead of 50MBPS inspite of paying the 3 months advance bill.
Please provide prompt service to retain customers.
Please refund the money.

Hathway Service ticket # 07122016W254851 dated 07-12-2016 19:41:23
CC Billing Complaint FUP/Data Usage GBs Not upgraded post bill cycle,

Hathway Service ticket #06122016W229792 06-12-2016 07:30:59 CC Billing Complaint Payment Related Activation Pending

05122016W217798 05-12-2016 09:50:27 CC Billing Query Balance Due Date.

Hathway customer service is just updating the ticket status to be resolved without even resolving it.Its a pathetic situation.

Hathway is not providing proper service now a days for the advance subcription money which is already paid to the Hathway for internet services.
Please refund the money and I will go for a better service provider.

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd
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