Having prob trans harbour line

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Dear sir/madam

we are having so many problems in trans harbour line while traveling thane 2 vashi. Before so may days we having 9 coach trains also…. Crowd is so much we getting vashi train after almost 15 or 20 min mrng 9.10 vashi after 9.37 vashi then 9.53 vashi s much rush in this all trains we want ladies spcl train for this time we dont want 3 ladies compartment in end of towards thane because we all catching auto from towsrds vashi sife so if possible pls arrange towards vashi 3 coach ladies or ladies spcl train many ladies travelling from badlapur to thane & thane 2 vashi at that time this womens tired 2 much atleast they all travell 20 or 25 min comfortable …pls do something 4 us,.,,. If possible come & see the situation how we all suffering in this trans…. when we travell 2 much safocation in train,,.pls do something

Having prob trans harbour line
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