Hero honda CBZ engine problem

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My Hero honda cbz motorcycle holding Reg No. NL 02E 4910 had a engine problem on last may month 2015 and i went to near by service centre M.Z Motors at Titabar dist. jorhat (ASSAM). After 5 months i enquired and the bike was ready ,they didn’t even inform me. i went on 19th november 2015 to bring my motorcycle and they told me that bike was ready.I paid 11550 rupees for the bill amount. while running back to home the bike started to noise more and failed to remain started and it was off. after the engine is cooled after 5 minutes,it stared again and after going a few distance it acted same. I called the deler and told my problem and they told me to bring back. After spending so much of money the deler failed to repair the thing correctly and told me that they didn’t got time to test the bike.
First of all they took so many months to repair the vehicle
Secondly they didn’t even tested before handover to the customer . i asked on what gurantee they service the vehicle,any vehicle malfunctioning may cause death or serious injury. who will take risk of that. Its time now to not play with others life or time .

Hero honda CBZ engine problem
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