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I am a resident of Shora Kothi Subzi Mandi Clock Tower Delhi 110007 which is near Malka Ganj and DU North Campus and I am writing this to draw your kind attention towards the HIGH SCARCITY of water in our area.

Lastly we had seen water around 5 days before, and since then there has not been any supply of water in our area. Either the supply has been stopped or it has been cut for the purpose of knowing the source of dirty water in the area.

But not having supplied water in an area for such a long time , maybe for any reason, is not at all justified.

Living without water for even a single day is the biggest challenge, one could face and we have been surviving for last 5 days and has not yet complained , just in a hope that maybe the matter will be looked after by govt in coming days.
But there has been no action taken, till now.

Roads have been dug from last 5 days, for the purpose of solving the issue of dirty water supply, but neither have they been repaired , nor have the water supply been made in our area from last 5 days.

Kindly please let us know that how long do we have to put breaks on our life without water, and how long will the government take to wake up and do something in this matter.

People here, are facing great difficulties due to such scarcity of water. we have been struggling for so long, even after having paid all bills regularly on time.

I don’t think that such behavior of govt, is justified in any case. so its our ardent request to govt , to please look into the matter AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE,
because having to live without water is even more difficult than anything else.

Please consider it as our deepest request, to make the water supply regular from today only.

We request you to please don’t let citizens distrust their government by remaining unheard.


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