Highly disappointed with the security at oyo room

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I was staying at one of the oyo rooms in begumpet. My booking id is-WHKE7814. I had office related work in Hyderabad for a longer duration so I booked this hotel for a month. Yesterday I got up at night to drink water and to my surprise I saw a man sitting on the bed. The lights were switched off so I couldn’t see the face. In extreme shock I yelled and ran and started to head out of the room. The man also got scared and jumped out of the window and ran off. Apparently the locks to the window were not working. Even after yelling out so loudly nobody heard me. I ran to the reception, the attitude of the staff was unbelievable. They told me “ma’am ab woh chala gaya hai ab aap jaake so jayiye”. I snapped at this and asked them to give me a different room. They gave me a different room, but this is to inform you that this is ridiculous. My company had some trust in oyo before they sent me to this hotel but this is unacceptable. I don’t know anyone in Hyderabad and if something were to happen to me then who would have taken the blame. This is outrageous. I am lodging an FIR against this incident as well but I want an answer from you people.!

Highly disappointed with the security at oyo room
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