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Myself Smt. Manisha Dixit wife of Sri Anupam Dixit is a N.R.I. and is the owner of House No. 645-B/103, Abhishek Puram (also known as Vashisht Puram), Jankipuram, Lucknow, having purchased through registered sale deed from Smt. Sarla Dixit.
Sri Salil Kumar, Advocate obtained my aforesaid house on rent in the name of his wife Smt. Shilpi Srivastava (who is presently Assistant Prosecuting Officer in the courts at District Barabanki) on 03rd March, 2012 @ Rs. 6000/- per month for 11 months. Thereafter the aforesaid rent agreement was renewed on 16.05.2014 and thereafter on 08th July, 2014. But he has stopped to give rent since July, 2014 and to the utter surprise and taking benefit that we are residing Abroad at Muscat Oman and now he has started to claim the ownership of the said house and is causing harassment. I have come to India and he has harassed very much to me. Now he is neither giving the rent to me nor vacating my house. And on the contrary he has also filed a bogus case against me. Since he is an Advocate, hence nobody is ready to conduct my case in the Court. I am very much puzzled. I am in need of my house and inspite of having own house, I am unable to reside in my house, the room which I had reserved for me in my house, but Mr. Salil Kumar has broke open the lock of my said room and he is illegally occupying the entire house and as such I am compelled to take shelter in the house of my parents at B-2/301, Sector-A, Sitapur Road Scheme, Lucknow. Please take action against the criminal act done by aforesaid Mr. Salil Kumar Advocate and his wife Smt. Shilpi Srivastava and my house may be handed over to me from Mr. Salil Kumar and also take such other action which may be deemed fit and proper in the circumstances of the case.

Manisha Dixit
W/o Sri Anupam Dixit
C/o, Dr. (Mrs.). Meera Dixit,
B-2/301, Sector A, Sitapur Road Yojana, Lucknow – 226021
Mobile (India) +919871762702
Mobile (Oman) +96899056944

House matter
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