How long will it take to receive a PAN CARD?

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Generally pan card for take 15 to 20 day’s time.
Step 1
Open below link
Apply new pan card online.
Guidelines for filling PAN New Application
Step 2: Fill up all requires details: Basic details like, Surename, address, phone, Mail etc…
Step 3: Make online settlement or offline
Step 4 :
Send a mansion to the online application to approve and accept it
Possibility, you can track your PAN status here:
I have applied for PAN card for myself on September 16, 2017 Online from this website i have submitted all the required documents by post. I have received my PAN Card on September 20.
A friend of mine applied for PAN before January and received a pan card in April after an objection in April.
Usually, it takes 5 to 10 days to receive my pan card from the date of my application.
These days PAN Card application process and delivery is very quickly when compared to the old system.

When I applied for my Pan Card in 2016/2017, I got my PAN card for 5 working days.Panseva takes almost 5 to 10 days for the PAN card to be delivered. If you any doubts you can check the progress of apply new pan card. I think after filing the pan card application it will be delivered within 5-10 days. Not all details are received from the orphan card, it is not necessary to submit any documents. This is much faster than the physical document system.

You pan card delivery will take anywhere between 5 days to 10 days to reach you. If you need your PAN acknowledgment number you can track PAN application status easily the following link panseva. And need any other details with PAN card .Please Use this website. I have get more benefits of this site .Thank you so much

How long will it take to receive a PAN CARD?
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