i am tortured by college principal and director

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Arathi joshi

11:25 AM (9 minutes ago)

to smritizirani
I am Arathi Joshi from Bangalore karnataka
I recently got admission in an reputed dental college through KCET karnataka exam authority
every year more than 1 lakh students apply for mbbs and bds seats but only 20,000 of them qualify and 4000 of them get MBBS seats and 5000 dental seats
after struggling and reading day and night I got qualified and got dental seat

now where i joined there only 11 students are from kcet and most of them through management and our fees is considered to be only 35000 but we are forced to pay all five year fees during admission through bank guarantee that is 1 lakh 5 thousand
rupees for which we also complianed in cet cell but of no use until and unless we dont give bank guarantee we where not allowed to class and marked absent.we are financially weak people cant afford this huge amount in 1 month but my father still arranged this and made bank guarantee and also submitted to college other than this I paid 28,600 fee to kcet and also 32,600 as clinical fee at the time of admission

now we are asked to pay second year fees but still i am in first year 65,000 rupees 35,000 dd and 32,500 illegal amount through cash for which my father protested, for which my college principal and director called me to there office asked me to wait for almost 2 hours outside the office and then before entering the office one of the attender {male} checking my pockets if i have any camera or mobile phone ten principal and directors scaring me that if next time if my father argue he will be thrown out by security and also using vulgar words for me and my papa
then telling i will see u in next 5 years {she would be teaching me in future}
the director and principal yelling at me and not allowing me to attend classes

and I am also the topper of college in my first internals good in everything very hardworking student but not allowed to class many times for bank guarantee or for second year fees in first year
principal torturing me by telling i will cancel your seat or mark you absent or not let you attend the classes

let me also inform you that if there is shortage of attendance i would be asked to pay for that also

corruption has finished me I cant take it any more my father is not that rich that e can afford this huge amount because i am not the only child ,I have elder sister doing her B.B.A.L.L.B and elder brother doing ENGINEERING my younger sister she is in 12 std

I have few proofs such as copy of bank guarantee ,letter from college for asking bank guarantee copy of dd of second year fees to be paid in first year before exams,cet cell reciept and cet admission order and college never gave reciept for any thing I also belong to obc for wich my fees less compared other students for that also my principal called me in office and didnt let me to attend class and asked why do you pay less
please help me by taking action against this college and do me the need full

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Arathi joshi

i am tortured by college principal and director
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