i cant effort penalty

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Hello sir jai jinendra.
I am vicky kamlesh shah sir from sudan north east africa. As you hear about the conflict of darfour and south sudan after its separation sudan became poor country. My father was born here and me. My brother and our children also born here in sudan. Sir we gave up indian nationality due to financial problem and when we gave up concillor charged us 16 milion sudanese pound which is equivallent to 1800$ dollar which i cant effort . So i am requesting you sir to help us from this penalty . We have gave up 7 passport
1) kamlesh nathalal shah
2) kavi kamlesh shah
3) khelan kavi nathalal
4) charmi kavi nathalal
5)vikky kamlesh shah
6)rajveer vikky nathalal,
7)manthan vikky nathalal.
. Pls sir kindly requesting you to do action on this penalty because sir i am labour and my sallary is 700 sdg which is euivallent to 70$ per month n my brother also do job and my father is retired i cant effort this penalty which concellor has pass on us here amassador also didnt take any action when i show him my situation so.please sir atleast i have trust on you.. you can make solution for us.
Thanx vikky kamlesh shah

i cant effort penalty
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