I Did not get my passport renewal since 6 months of Application

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Hi , I am a citizen of India residing at Malaysia. I applied for passport renewal at BLS International, Malaysia in the month of December 2014 and still I did not get the renewal done.

Passport Identity as follows:
First Name: Azeez Khan Surname: Abdullah Passport Number: G9818701
File Number: MASD00366908 DOB: 13/05/1964
Applied At:
BLS International Malaysia , My Ref NO : MYSP00427514

I have been following up with India High Commission Malaysia and RPO Chennai from past 4 months for the same.
High Commission told as they did not receive police verification report from RPO chennai and RPO chennai says we already sent so many times as per my request on complaint.

The service and response provided by both RPO chennai and High Commission Malaysia is making us frustrated. DO they really hear Our(Indian Citizens) Voice?

They consider us players of game :( If we ask RPO Chennai
they say they sent , If I ask Malaysian High Commission they say as not received. And they are making us wander from past 6 months :(

I am stuck in the middle helping both to communicate between
each other , which is strictly not my duty.
Here I provide the contact details of RPO Chennai(rpo.chennai@mea.gov.in) : Mrs. Kalaivani-+914428513641 and Indian High Commission Malaysia (attcons@indianhighcommission.com.my) with whom I was dealing with.

I have been in patience for more than 6 months, Now I raise my voice of rights to the society. Kindly understand the situation and Do the needful ASAP.

I Did not get my passport renewal since 6 months of Application
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