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Illegal immigration process in BANGALORE AIRPORT .. There is no rule beyond the money …
Airport illegal Immigration Process in Delhi, Bangalre and Chennai
Bangalore airport has become very worst airport in India because all the Night club dancers ( Girls) are going through Bangalore airport only.. They all are going for illegal work in other country, Especially UAE, Singapore,and Muscat.. As per indian rule it is illegal. So people are paying some amount to the Immigration People and get it done.. Normally dance bar owners are paying 15000Rs – 25000Rs for a girl. They prefer to travel Indian flights only like Air India and Indian Airlines. So please try to stop by sending girls to abroad. It will effect for our country also. The same thing is happening in Delhi also. The famous airports are bangalore for pushing(illegal immigration process). Even , Cochin airport people are doing the same but not like bangalore . Girls are showing the fake visit visa or some other fake visa in Indian Immigration as per their agents instruction. After immigration they will throw the fake visa in toilet and once they arrive their destination they will show their original visa. Here they will hide their original visa..

In the bar night time they have to dance on the floor, day time they have to treat customers by phone. In between they have to go out with customers also. for that customer will be paying a big amount to bar owner. Why should we send ours sisters to do prostitution job ? Please take any action to stop this in very soon time. Even Bangladesh and Philipines have stopped sending the girls abroad for these kind f work. They will contact the country embassy before sending them. About 7 Months back there was a issue in Mumbai, Police arrested some agents in Mumbai. It was published on news paper and all. In Delhi and Chennai it is a like secret job but every one knows about it.

In India itself stopped the dance bar. Then why do we want to send the girls outside the country to do the same work.. Here Govt. knows that it is a illegal work so they have stopped the dance bar / Night club in our country. The same way Please stop sending the girls to abroad also. We should stop this as soon as possible.

Its all true. Even i have good information abut the agents and bar owners list. Please kindly take any action immediately.

Now chennai stopped sending girls from there but BANGALORE start. Only Last week More than 500 girls have gone to middle east… It’s very shame of the rulers … anyway I have informed media also they promissed they ll make publicity about this issue …

So pls try to stop as soon as possible. . Still the girls r going daily. .

They show artist visa, tourist visa, sales representative visa and residence visa … So pls check their passport .. U can see their old visa too … pls try to stop this…. If they go out the value of Indians has become zero ..


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