illegal personal mobile number swapping

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Jajati Keshari Nayak having mobile number 9777777702, by which i am connected to Reliance as a user. I have been using this number since 2007 with all the valid documents. Initially the service provider for this number was Airtel, but i have switched it to Reliance for better services and communications through MNP.

Now I am very sorry to say that being a such good brand name, Reliance has lost the faith for me and dissatisfaction level also.

Reason to that, with the help of inappropriate and illegal ways my number has been swapped to some other one, without my knowledge. Being a business person, I have been facing a lot of problems from last 2 days.

All of my Bank accounts, E-Mails and other services are linked to this number, for which I am facing a lot problems.

I therefore requesting you to get these things resolve as soon as possible, otherwise I have to take the legal ways and TRAI interference.

Jajati Keshari Nayak
Alt mobile no: 9853590097

illegal personal mobile number swapping
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