Improper handling of saving bank a/c by SBP bank br.sector 6 Karnal

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I got transferred a saving bank a/c
No.80006678836 from SBP Jind to SBP sector 6 br. Karnal during 2012.The said account was got duly KYC updated by submitting relevant documents. During 2015 the account was got linked with my Addhar card to get credit of my Gas cylinder subside.
On 11/8/2016 Bank Manager Sec.6 Karnal through a letter duly signed by him changed my saving a/c no.8006678836 to a/c no.65271591840 w.e.f 16/8/16.
On 15/12/16 I transferred Rs. 9500/-to my above referred a/c no. 65271591840 through NEFT from my Indusind bank Karnal due to some urgency. But on 16/12/16 when I visited the bank to update the balance of my account, I felt astonished to know that the said account number pertains to some other customer and thus my hard earned money credited by the bank in the account of some unknown person to me.
Since 16/12/16 I am visiting the bank and meeting the bank authorities to get set right the issue and to obtain my correct/updated account number but uptil now no relief.
It is worth to mention here that I am a retired Accounts officer and facing such a harshment due to not handling bank account correctly by the bank employees, what would have happen with the persons having no knowledge of online transaction.

Improper handling of saving bank a/c by SBP bank br.sector 6 Karnal
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