improvement of local train

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Hon’ble Prime Minister,
I have  a reqest for the improvement of local train in west Bengal kolkata (Sealdah)each n everyday we r facing troble to reach our destination if i m in tention, how could we serve our state .Mamta Banerjee our ch minister had done lot but after that its condition is so poor ,irreglar no of train should be increased  here accident ins natural After ,67 yrs mamtaji has gifted us nly two ladies special ,But this is not enough Sir,pl do something for the people particularly women of Belghoria, because swami vivekananda said “all nation have attained greatness by paying proper respect to woman.the country and that nations which do not respect women have never become great, nor will ever be n future.”hope prompt action from your endthanking you Malina saha Banerjee7/1 Abhoy mukherjeel lane Kolkata 700056,,
Phone: 89****844/03325***491
Name : malina Saha Banerjee
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improvement of local train
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