India Shoppee Mart a froud Co. looting people

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India Shoppee Mart a froud Co from indore this Co is cheating with people.
This company India Shoppee mart is fake and fraud co. i got a call from this company for FRANCHISE and after i deposit 25000 + 25000 = 50000/ Rs. in axis bank indore branch account no 915020000749548 at Itwaria bazar rajwada branch Indore M.P. RTGS/NEFT IFS CODE : UTIB0001139 and account name is same india shoppee mart. they send me a parcel of 31 pcs. after some day now they are not piking my phone and now phones are out of service . i sent many emails to his owener at but no reply, even i am sending everyday email to him and her but no reply. NOW phone’s states are . 08305555714 out of service 08305555718 out of service 0789147022 the lady Vashnavi who talk me every day and i pay money now she is not piking my phone. 08109055568 NOT PIKING. Name of the persons names are who talk with me. VASHNAVI, RITICA, VARUN, AND SOME MORE BUT NOW NOT PIKING MY PHONE. SO PLS DONT PAY ANY THING IF SOME ONE CALL YOU FOR INVEST OR FOR FRANCHISE .

India Shoppee Mart a froud Co. looting people
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