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Dear Modi Sir,
Jai Jinendra!
I am Nitesh Jain, a Plastic HDPE Mosquito Net fabric manufacturer from Salem in Tamilnadu. Our industry is BADLY AFFECTED by the Mosquito Net Fabric being Imported & Infiltered from Bangladesh. Weavers at Karur & Salem cannot speak Hindi and English fluently as well, so could not express their grievances to the concerned department. We are hardly 10-12 Hindi speaking Traders in this industry. Our product has been saving lives of millions over years preventing BPL & villagers from hazardous diseases. Today our survival is at high risk. Manufacturing wages have not been raised for 3 years. Pls take the matter into serious consideration and instruct the Ministry of Textiles to intervene immediately. I shall be always available to help the department people for inspection & verification. My number is 09364502588. PLEASE SAVE THESE POOR WEAVERS WHO CANNOT TELL THEIR SORROWS BECAUSE OF LANGUAGE PROBLEM.

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