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I had proferred my Mahindra-Renault Logan for its usual 1,20,000 kms service at M/s. TVS, Alangad., Aluva, Kerala. During the course of the service, they had informed me that my front left bearings was weak and had to be replaced. They did not have the bearing in stock and I had to wait till the next day the bearing would arrive at their Store. They informed me the bearing had come in the next day and towards evening they told me the work was over and I had gone to receive the vehicle, when the told me the work was not complete. They had yet to the run the OBD for clearing the ABS sensor error. I was caught up after that and had submitted my car to yet another service center in Thrissur for clearing the ABS sensor error by running OBD. It was conveyed to me that the sensor was damaged and the bearing was fitted wrongly resulting in damage to the ABS sensor and had to re-install the bearings again. This depicts poor workmanship and total carelessness by M/S. TVS. I have to shell another Rs.15,000 for reinstalling the bearing and replacing the sensor.

Inexperienced service Advisor/technician
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