Injustice ( illegal Terminated without notice or heard by Director General, Rakdha Shakti University, Ahmedabad)

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Respected Sir,
Jay Hind.
I was selected through proper procedure as an Assistant Registrar at Raksha Shakti University, Ahmedabad and joined on 17/05/2014 and. Then i diagnose Brain Tumor after 2 months and heavy brain surgery done successfully, I had resume my duty on 16/08/2014 within 23 days which was in respect with the priority given to the job. Then the Additional charge of Registrar given to me on 01/09/2014. Again one more Additional charge of University Engineer given to me on 26/09/2014. I done my work successfully with huge work load with more than 2 (two) additional charges and regular charge of Assistant Registrar after heavy brain surgery on me recently. But as look like with the intentionally harassment predefined by DG and Dy.DG of Raksha Shakti University, they have started to give unusual memos to me and also to others. DG had given me Termination letter without prior notice or heard me as per Raksha Shakti University Act, 2009. Even they have terminated two more full scale employees of the University during their probation period. the same was done with me. DG behave rudely with all the employees of the universities. He has soft corner to the men working in university from their ex. department who are doing their personal work also. All employees are scared today also but they can not openly told to DG, Dy.DG and also to Government. He takes decisions of any meeting with prior small meeting with Dy.DG. He can not give opportunity to others in the meeting to speak about any agenda. He had cleared illegal probation of Shri Mitthilesh Bhatt, Assistant Professor (Law) of the same university left before 18 or more months. He was on 24 months probation period and left the RSU within 22 months after his joining. DG had also reduced the Probation period of Director (Research and Development) from 2 years to 1 year. He had completed his 65 years in the Government service, but Government still continue his service which affects the environment of the Raksha Shakti University. The students of the RSU are not satisfied with his work. Even DG had no information on hand that how many courses run in the university and also how many employees and students in the university. I request to government that please think on my illegal termination case and give me justice and also get the sympathy of the common men of India after removing such orthodox person seat on the highly reputed position of Dream Project of Shri Narendra Modi. Jay Javan, Jay Kisan, Jay Hind

Injustice ( illegal Terminated without notice or heard by Director General, Rakdha Shakti University, Ahmedabad)
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