Intentional Connectivity Issues caused by AIRCEL

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I have been using an AIRCEL sim card for almost 5 years or so. I have been facing issues with the connectivity since the beginning itself but since I was not working that time, it did not bother me much. However, when I started working, I had a hard time using it. My calls used to disconnect in seconds without any issues with the network strength on the phone. I called in Aircel customer center couple of times and there wasnt anything they could do about that except asking wage questions. I kept changing my handsets as they kept saying that it could be device issue, however it never got fixed even after me spending over 1 lakh rupees on different quality handsets.

Later thinking that Prepaid connection might be an issue, I switched to POSTPAID connection. However, it also did not serve the purpose. Call drop got more frequent . I was using a Samsung NOTE 3 that time. Since I did not want to change the number and had no time for that Network Portabaility, I continued with it.

Few months back, for better internet, I activated 3G services on my AIRCEL POSTPAID number. Surprisingly, since then there has been NO CALL DROP at all which is kind of weird. Same NOTE3, same Sim and no call drop ?

And then I realised that in an attempt to enhance the bills of the customer, they INTENTIONALLY keep the WEAK SIGNAL STRENGTH, so that calls get dropped and customers are charged as per the plan. However, when I activated that 3G on the same SIM, since that would have given them more revenue interms of the streaming, they enhanced the SIGNAL STRENGTH.

I feel highly CHEATED by this company after having spent over 1 lakh on the handsets and relying on AIRCEL and its customer support. which infact are not at all concerned about the customer. All the want is REVENUE. I feel CHEATED and highly SHAMEFUL for using AIRCEL’s services for over 5 long years.

Intentional Connectivity Issues caused by AIRCEL
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  1. Aircel

    Hi bhatyalmonika2006,

    We are sorry for the experience you had. Please share your concern with your complaint number and contact details at to help you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Customer Service Officer | Social CareTeam
    Email us

  2. Aircel

    Hi bhatyalmonika2006,

    We hope your issue has been resolved. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Have a nice day.

    Aircel Online team,
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