Intex mobile i5 battery

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1. I have purchased an intex mobile through Amazon last year.
2. After sales the customer support service by the service center (Bright solution) is so poor in Visakhapatnam.
3. My Intex Aqua i5 HD mobail battery became defective and a replacement battery booked through service center 3 weeks before,
till date I have not received ordered battery.
4. The service center says this battery model no.BR 2057 AU not available with intex company.
5. Is this correct,if so, that mean a smart phone 6 months usage? So a customer will have to look into anther company? who can give after sales support to customer!

Intex mobile i5 battery
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  1. magudeeswaran

    My Intex Aqua i5 HD mobail battery model no BR 2057 became defective i want replacement my battery ,i have tried many ways still now not get it…how to replace my battery..


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