Intex mobile Issue

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I have given my Intex mobile at your service centre at Tej Kumar Plaza Lucknow today for repair vide job sheet no. 510165467035 with complaints of faulty display.
The set was submitted and I was told to contact after 7-10 days.
I purchased this set with one year guarantee on June 5 2015.
In the evening I was informed that LCD of my phone was broken and I will have to pay Rs. 2500.00 for its replacement.
When I submitted the phone at centre it was not broken or cracked at all. Only the display was showing few appearing and disappearing lines on it.
She checked the phone and told that the display would be changed. Now she is saying that opening from inside it has been found that the LCD has been broken.
I am shocked to hear this. Am I responsible for this breakage? How should I trust your service engineers? And even if it is broken inside then it must be manufacturing defect then the company should replace it immediately.
If company denies it to do so I will have to go to consumer court for the resolution of the matter.
Please look into the matter and do the needful.
Thanking you.

Intex mobile Issue
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