intex service is worst

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Dear sir this is shankar my job sheet number is 607284104008T001, Lot no. 607284104008
Product received details –
Product received at service centre – 2199-1087-1
Serial no. 911474251271685

My mobile was working good and it was in warranty few days back my touch was giving problem
so i went and submitted my mobile at R K TELECOM Add – Shop no.17 1st floor, pear plaza mall opp. Bata Showroom, Andheri(w) Mum – 58
On 19th july sumbitted my mobile as the problem as only touch pad was not working properly. But on 28th July i got my mobile
but when i saw my mobile it made me so upset because the touch was not repaired but it was broken completely. What kind of
engineers are there who broken my touchpad instead to repair it. so worst staff just fedup of their service. Again I submitted there only
at that same moment. I spoke to customer care after one week so they said wait till one more week. I called after one week
so they said nothing and i visited the service centre. What they said is that it will take time and staff is rude and irrisponsible
that just giving me date after date.

Intex service is so worst that i will never ever buy this mobile again. Whoever reading this let me say that you please
dont buy intex mobile ever. you will waste your time after this company. No responsibilty no care no efforts for customer.
Intex service is faltu, worst, bad, unsatisfied, totally money waste.

intex service is worst
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