Issue with my Nissan Sunny

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I own a Nissan Sunny (Petrol, XL) car in Mumbai, which I bought in November, 2012 (Reg. no. MH03-BH-2708). I have faced multiple issues with the car. There were multiple warranty replacements – Radiator, Fuel gauge (twice) and a brake component. It is surprising that a core component like the radiator of the car needs to be replaced under warranty. Last year, I raised doubts over the manufacturing quality, to which I received no satisfactory response. The email was simply forwarded to the dealer, but since the issue at that point of time was already addressed, neither the dealer nor the company understood my bigger concern – maintenance cost after warranty period is over.
My fears came true. Last year while the car was still under warranty, the fuel indicator malfunctioned. The car ran out of fuel, but the indicator showed “Distance to empty” close to 100 km. The car broke down on the highway and had to be towed to the Nissan dealer (Kamla Nissan, Kurla, Mumbai) who promptly replaced the fuel gauge (first replacement for this component). The indicator began functioning normally for a short while. Soon, however, there were occasional instances where the indicator used to show incorrect information (Fuel level was displayed to be full when actually it was not). However, since the occurrence frequency was not so high, I chose to wait till the next servicing (April 2015) to get this checked. By this time, the frequency also had increased considerably, malfunctioning for around 50% of the time. The dealer (Ritu Nissan, Thane, Mumbai) replaced the fuel gauge once again (Second replacement under extended warranty). This however, did not solve the problem, which kept occurring. When I sent the car to the dealer again, the car was returned saying “No fault found/problem could not be replicated”. I had to take few pictures and videos of the problem to prove the issue. Thereafter, the technician investigated and arrived at the conclusion that the problem was not with the fuel gauge but with the battery. I was told to replace the battery at my expense as it is not covered under extended warranty. Since this problem first occurred when the car was under warranty, I requested the dealer and later Nissan Customer Service to consider this as a special case and give the benefit of doubt to me and provide a Free of cost replacement to fix the issue. However, this was denied, citing the reason that the first time this problem happened it was not due to the battery but due to the fuel gauge. Since the problem repeated, I am unsure if the diagnosis was accurate, hence requested the benefit of doubt to be given in this case, which was denied.
I am thoroughly disappointed at both, the quality of the car (owing to the multiple replacements needed) and the after sales customer support that Nissan has demonstrated. I deeply regret having decided to go for Nissan as my Brand choice over tried and tested options in India, and will definitely discourage anyone evaluating car options from going for a Nissan car. This was least expected from a Japanese carmaker of such high repute.

Issue with my Nissan Sunny
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