issues related with death claim

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Respected sir, I Ms. Shivani Ravindra More need your help. My mother late mrs. Vibhavari Ravindra More died in last year on 1st march 2015. she was working with MTNL , C.B.D Belapur office , Navi Mumbai 400614. she was on post Sr. TO(AP). Her staff no was 41177. I am writing this mail to inform you that her officers of pension department (mtnl) not helping us to get my mother’s pension and gratuity and group insuarance. sir, I kindly request to you help me for getting me my mother’s death claim as soon as possible because; in my family my father is medically unfit and not able to travel anywhere because of his high diabetes , blood pressure, brain stroke. as well as due to diabetes he lost his foot fingers. Sir i have younger sister who is studying in school. and I am also a student of law. In my house my mother was only income source. after her death it became impossible us to survive. we have submitted all required documents from june 2015 to Vashi MTNL office of Navi Mumbai 400703. after death of employee they gave me cheque of her GPF in december 2015 which I supposed to get within 3 months after death of employee. still we didn’t get pension ,gratuity and group insuarance after 1 year of death. they are telling us to go from vashi to either Prabhadevi office ,mumbai or Karry road office ,mumbai. Officers from that office not co operating with us. october 2015 officers from Prabhadevi office ,Mumbai said that due to my mother’s medical leave her promotion is in doubtful situation. as well as they said that whenever our high post officers will had meeting and in that meeting they will decided promotion to be granted or not? for these reasons they are not working on my file of mother’s death case from October 2015. from October 2015 file was locked in cupboard of Vashi office ,Navi Mumbai. now Sir you only tell me what should i do to get my mother’s death claim’s allowance. because of delay in getting money we are suffering from financial crisis as well as due to lack of money I dropped my studies and now my sister is also not able to complete her studies. Sir please, I really need your help. Help us to sort out this problem. kindly, Ms. Shivani Ravindra More. contact no : 9819043015. 9821788556.

issues related with death claim
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