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Hi ,

I have ordered an Item with below invoice details.I haven’t received the item yet,the courier number which they mentioned for this shipment is : MUMPVGP435073 through Javas provider.When I have called Javas customer care they have informed me that its not correct consignment number.I have dropped many mails and called almost 60 times to PROVOGUE customer care on 022-30653160 that they have mentioned on website.Its highly irritating,could you please take forward my complaint.

Invoice Date:29/05/2015
Invoice No:6C10000280859
Payment Type:PREPAID
Order Date:29/05/2015
Order No:175847055

Kindly call me on 9000618095 for any further details


Item not delivered
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  1. manpRit

    i had plaCeD an ordr of 6 anksh kurti bt get o
    only 4 kurtis. . i had gIven ful payment bt did nt get ful ordEr. plz help me sir


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