Jaat reservation haryana

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(Copy to: Shri Narender Modi JI

Subject: Jaat Reservation, Haryana

Respected Sir,
I am one of your followers belong to Haryana. I am writing this to attract your attention towards “Jaat Reservation movement” in Haryana. The movement has been spread tooth and nail. Sir, I am very small person in front of you. But keeping in mind as you are generous, I am sharing my suggestion with you. If you find it suitable then please proceed.
The time has come to stop caste based reservation completely. Every person in country says that give reservation to poor only. Help them in their fees for their education. But its not right to consider caste system. Because, today, every community have poor and rich. Caste cant determine the people in need. It was started to uplift minor communities for 10 years only(If I am wrong in this information then please forgive). And it worked. But this system has been changed beyond the time. Today, the people who truly deserves reservation are far away from this scheme. Then why are we helpless to follow this system.

Today, a teacher who has been hired on the basis of reservation, don’t know even spellings of ‘STUDENT”. He doesn’t know even the name of our prime minister (reported by some TV news channel). Then what would he teach to his students who are future of India.
On the other hand, a person without reservation is working hard but can’t be hired. He is not given a chance to serve his country. Sir, its well known, an able one can serve not that who is on seat just due to reservation.
Its the right choice if you make them expert instead of providing them beg and make India bankrupt beyond the time. Make-in-India can be brought successful with deserving candidates not with reserved ones.

Finally, Today jaat community is on movement, tomorrow some other community will do so and the day after tomorrow some another and so on. So the correct step is to remove it completely and restart with economic consideration. Nobody will have then anything to protest and it will surely work for India and its growth.

If you find my views suitable then please convert them into action.

Your humble follower
Sachin Gupta

Jaat reservation haryana
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