Kapashera Police I.O Paramjit refused for FIR

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Dear Sir/Madam,

My Father and Brother has been beaten by Accused anand on 1 june-2015 and we have give written complained against anand in kapashera police station on 2nd june-2015 . my father (Prem Chand ) got very badly injured actually my father is heart patient and my brother shoulder got damaged. accussed anand hit my father with his scooter and then beaten my father bruttaly. After that incident my has be to hospitalize in metro hospital in ICU for 5 days .lots of people is witnessed about this incidence Where paramjit (I.O) neither did not give us photocopy of written complained . We have visit to kapashera every time paramjit did not registered any F.I.R. today 12th june still we don’t have F.I.R Copy. so help us to registered F.I.R. I have attached written complained and photo above.actually Paramjit I.O is influence by Pramod ( Accused Bother ) is also in police so paramjit is not doing anything while. I have send lots of mail to DCP and Commissioner of police about this incidence. But nobody help us. so please help us and pressurize the kapashera police I.O Paramjit to lodge FIR.who is main person who does not do nothing.

From: Rajesh Kumar1 [mailto:rajesh.kumar1@tsi-yatra.com]
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2015 11:04 AM
To: ‘helpage@nde.vsnl.net.in'; ‘agewell@bol.net.in'; ‘cp.bsbassi@nic.in'; ‘splcp-crime-dl@nic.in'; ‘jtcp-hq-dl@nic.in'; ‘jtcp-splcell-dl@nic.in'; ‘dcp-southwest-dl@nic.in’
Cc: ‘bk.gupta@nic.in’
Subject: refuse to lodge F.I.R In Kapashera by Paramjit( I.O )

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to kind attention towards the difficulties faced by me . my Brother and his friend is standing near by Char khamba Road with his friend dated 1 june-2015. Anand who has criminal record came here and started to beaten my brother friend Devender. My brother try to save devender but anand let devinder free and starting beaten my brother . Anand (accused ) hit my brother on his shoulder with brick . then my brother (pradeep ) could not do any thing. Devender my brother friend ran away to my father (prem chand) to describe the matter . as soon as my father came to know that anand(accused) is beaten my brother pradeep to help me . in their path anand (accused) drive there with scoorty and he hit the his scooty with father. My father fallen down and anand his my father brutally. He try to kill my father. My father is 66 years old and heart patient .Lot of people witnessed of this incident. Now my father is get admit in metro hospital after this incident and doctor recommended angiography. Then we call on 100 and police came their and lodge our complained and telephone to kapashera police station. We have lodge written complained to mr Paramjit(I.O) but Paramjit did not give any Photocopy of written compailned of us. before reaching kapashera police station mr. Pramod who is also in delhi police influence to police staff and try to try that we could not make any court case against his bother(Anand) anand who has many criminal record in kapashera police station of petrol stealing any more. we(victim) approach to Mr. Paramjit for asking for photocopy of written complained but he did not give any acknowledgement . he told that first take you MLC then we would forward you case to court. Now we have MLC and Written Complained but still there is no action taken by Mr. Paramjit. It my humble requested to you to help us and forward our case to court as soon as possible. And take action against those people who try to stop forwarding our complained. I will share you photo of my father and My brother in which you can see how brutally our brother and my father is beaten

Victim 1.Prem Chand 2. Pradeep Kumar 3. Devender.

Accused Anand and His brother Pramod(Delhi police)

Address H.no 350 Gali no 5 Bijwasan New Delhi 61

Victim mobile no 9871635122/9560310334

Kapashera Police I.O Paramjit refused for FIR
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