Karbonn phone not working

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i have purchased a karboon A6 mobile 2-3 months back . After 10-15 days phone touch was not working properly.that was ok with me,but after some more days charging issue happened.I gave the mobile to service center ,they told me that it is charging point issue it will be resolved .So i gave then mobile.After 4-5 days when i went to customer care office they told me that your mobile was repaired but u didn’t pick it up from here. Such a pathetic service that they even didn’t gave me a call to pick my phone after repair.Thats again fine i was again ok with that but after 1-2 day again same problem charging issue occured .I again visited to their customer care outlet,then they told me that they will send my phone to their HO to resolve the problem.I submited my cell phone.After 27 days i picked my phone from their service center because it wasn’t repaired till that time.But again after just 1 day it is same,my phone is dead now it isn’t charging ,not even in working condition also. I am feeling cheated by the company. My name is :Shashank (09044545422).

Karbonn phone not working
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