Lack ofAirtel signal

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Undersigned having Mobile No. 9900764527. Most of the time Airtel signal is not available in the mobile throughout the day. If signal comes once in blue moon, when ever trying to contact some body, the conversation disturbed by hazy noise and frequently got cut off. Repeated phone calls has to make to complete conversation causing deduction of money in every call.. This looks like deliberate attempt of Airtel service. If this continues there will be no option left other than to cancel Airtel SIM. Earlier also I made verbal complain but no use. Due to my duel SIM, I am surviving with other SIM card. Pl take it seriously and improve your service, otherwise the days are not far off, you will be out of the market.

Thanking you,

Ratan Lal Saha
M 9900764527

Lack ofAirtel signal
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