Landline Dead for 15 days

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Dear Sirs,

I am a working woman (Teacher) from Shirva village of Udupi District. I am out on my work and my kids are going to school and our house is closed from Monday to Friday and Saturday (up to 1.30pm).

Our Land line (Landline# 0820-2576913) is completely dead for more than 15 days; however our Broadband is functioning fine.

I lodged complaint with Shirva Telephone Exchange and followed up with reminders every alternative day. The staff at Shirva Telephone exchange is so arrogant they just give flying answer saying that it will be done tomorrow. Same stereotype answer I am getting every time I lodge the complaint.

Three months back also similar thing happened and after lodging compliant with higher authorities they came and repaired our landline; they were upset because we did not pay them money as compliments.

Now they are not entertaining my complaints even though I am willing to pay their fees. If I am not wrong the mistake is from the cable which is very old and have knots and patches at many places. On previous occasion I had requested the BSNL staff to replace the whole cable for which I was ready to pay the related expenses; however they gave me deaf ears.

I would hereby earnestly request for your interference in this matter with the concerned staff and get my landline repaired.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Zarina Noronha (Teacher)

Landline Dead for 15 days
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