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in November I shop from max as well from life style from rohini store at the same time. so when i went to the billing counter of max that guy told me if you will buy something extra you will get a gift voucher of rs 200 so i bought a top extra, he said you can redeem it on next shopping, and you can also redeem it today on next shopping or billing but i don’t find any good product at that time. so that coupon was valid till 25th of DEC. So I went to the outlet on 24th, I also got a promotional msg (Reminder: Hurry! Last 2 Days. GET FLAT 15% OFF @MAX stores on purchase of Rs1299 only for you. Use coupon# rxa00s. Valid till 24-Dec on Non discounted items.T&C), so as per both of them promotion and voucher I want to redeem, after wasting my 3 hours, I select 3 product where I cant clubbed both of them for 1 shopping which was very clear to me as it was written back of that voucher. but on the time of shopping that guy gave me 1 extra T&C that You need to buy any 2 products to redeem it, which is not part of the voucher. and for promotional msg he told me that product should only belongs to the max as I already waste my 3 hours to get select that product and my office time was about to start so i was unable to find something more or buy any thing. I waste my hole sleeping time waste my petrol, and the most important my valuable time.

Apart from all of above i select 1 jeans from max when i went to the billing counter the person who was processing my billing he told me that there is incorrect tag on this product this product is not a part of offer. then what ever tag was there on the product (jeans), that billing guy said to his colleague (changing room mai ja ke check kero tag wahi gira hoga) where tag was already hanged on the product. Its mean i changed the tag from the product. That was a very shameful movement for me that I am going to buy the product from this much of cheep brand then instantly i came out i call to your customer services speak with khan. he told me that kindly mail your complaint on And due to this i waste my extra shopping, my discount coupon/voucher,& my promotional discount too. kindly check the attachment.

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